Data Driven and creative team

We work across logic and magic. Branding without data is bullshit, data without branding is meaahh.

Mariana Melo

Brand & Creative Strategist

Blanca Cros

Brand & Data Strategist

meet the 6 reasons why

0% bullshit

If it has to be done, it has to be done well. With criteria, being conscious of what value are we creating with our brands. The world doesn't need more insta-brands or trash content just to stay up to date with social media. We need leaders and organizations that really want to make a change. We don’t like to do pretty things, we want things to make it worth it.


We are freaks about the high effectiveness of workflow. Likewise, we dig into new tools and frameworks to improve our process. We have a proven method that we can create higher value following a working system.


We work as your team. We don't like to follow instructions (sorry, it's true) and we don't like to create amazing keynotes with a lot of good recommendations that you will never be able to put into practice. We want to make things happen. Have the ownership and accountability of every single project.


As methodology freaks, we love data and its accountability. We are creative minds that work with the logic of numbers to make wise strategic decisions. We combine data analysis, market research, and other excellent tools to create the most effective brand strategies.


A multicultural team, with diverse backgrounds, that perfectly fit together. We’ve been there and done that, we are entrepreneurs. We speak 4 languages and work for brands from 7 different countries.


We are visual people. We love art, fashion, photography, and design. We like to be up to date about the latest trends, giving us a really good eye to create beautiful stuff with great taste. You can just relax, and let us do the creative direction!